Compared Dofus Kamas to back in the day? Not really. Im sitting at 13k accomplishments but I have 100% dungeons except torkelonia, and the ones that are wonderful four. Dimension trios are simple, did rating 200+trio in catseye for example without giving it much thought at all. Every turn pvm becomes easy when you can cope damage per turn per character. Only thing that truly requires amounts of thinking and imagination are high level boundless dreams. There was a time when frigost 3 was dumb hard and very few people a server may do them. We deal like 3-4 times the damage in comparison to those mobs AND days have less hp, mechanics and less mp are somewhat more forgiving.

I've played a lot of cellular MMOs in the past couple of months... here is what I liked. Hope it can help people who are asking about those.I've seen a lot of times the"what is a good mmo for mobile" question which I thought I could talk about my experiences, since I have played with a lot of those. Probably a bit too much to be honest.So, to start with mmos I am gont cover would be the non-autoplay ones, as I can not stand autoplay, I've tried, many times, but it just doesn't work. I believe I'm not enjoying, and I get the impression everybody are bots...One last thing, you are very welcome to share your own ideas and opinions, but this post is for men and women who'd like to perform an MMO on their mobile devices, so, try and not bring the worst side in the remarks, that will not be useful to anyone.Ok, so let us get this started!

This one is my favourite!

The neighborhood is what makes me log into regular, people are all very nice and useful, and it is always enjoyable to just chat on earth chat... all the time, it's just crazy fun. The dev team is small, but they are very close to their players. They talk with us around the discord channel, answer questions about the forums and perform livestreams from time to time time.the Dofus game was live since 2011, and an expansion just lauched a couple weeks before, so it's definitely a fantastic time to buy Kamas Dofus Retro start enjoying it, or comeback into it. Hope to see you there!